Natural Amphora wines

Small Batch Amphora Wines
Natural. Sustainable. Hand Made in Portugal

Natural amphora wines made in Portugal

Hand made with love in Portugal

Natural amphora wines made in Portugal. We are a group of family & friends, a fraternity with a passion for producing sustainable, small batch, natural wines using a wine making process that’s over 2000 years old. We’re preserving unique approach to wine that leverages nature, uses less energy and delivers authentic flavorful wines. We ‘break rules’ by fermenting single varietal grapes in their own Talha (Amphora) before creating our blends. Our best blends are barrel aged and reserved for members only. Our wine making process produces a unique signature to wines you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Small batch, hand harvested & crushed grapes.

Natural amphora winemaking process

Using centuries old talhas / amphoras just as the Romans did, our wines are made with limited intervention, zero-industrial processing, no commercial enzymes or nutrients – not to a pre-determined recipe but blended based on taste from our single varietal fermentation process per talha. Unique to talha wines. We also produce oak barrel aged wines which adds special flavour notes to our wines; unique to Talha Maifa Wines.

We make small batch natural wines from hand harvested & crushed grapes. This process reduces damage to grapes and improves the quality of fermentation process with the naturally occurring malolactic bacteria present on the fruit and the indigenous wild and natural yeasts.

From traditional farming and wine making methods to our packaging choices, we are committed to our community and our planet.

Our grapes are tended to with TLC in Vidigueira, Alentejo DOC, the home of Talha wines, a UNESCO Heritage site candidate.


Our natural amphora wines made in portugal are made in with minimal intervention and that’s reflected in our transparent ingredients labelling; just grapes, natural yeasts and minimal use of sulfites.

Vila de Frades,
Vidigueira – Alentejo. Home to our Adega (winery) and tasting hall.

Local Community

We take great pride in having a family & friends business that’s deeply
connected to the local community of our friends and partners.
Together, we’re navigating towards a more sustainable future that
preservers & honours tradition and at the same time forward looking.