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Talha Mafia Wines


Established in Vila de Frades in 2020, we produce natural, amphora-aged wines. Partially housed in a site connected to a historical church, Misericordia, (est 1587), Talha Mafia Wines are handcrafted, honoring the amphora wine heritage of this special place. We produce a limited collection of current release wines and barrel-aged library wines. Our wines are produced and released in very small quantities.

Our philosophy is an expression of simplicity. We live in a world still challenged by excess. Our mission is all about restraint. Restraint in intervening; from the use of resources, processes and packaging; we let the raw, natural beauty of our star ingredients (grapes) shine.


Our wine collection encompasses indigenous grapes from some of our favorite neighbor’s vines in Vila De Frades, the capital of amphora wines in Portugal. (2 km from Vidigueira and 30 min Évora and Beja). The perfect location to explore the history of talha (amphora) wines, taste unique, natural wines and sample local cuisine. Our amphora wines are found in finer restaurants, wine bars and wine shops.


We are a group of family and friends with a deep passion for producing, quality, small batch amphora wines. It started as a hobby around 2015. We were a group of wine enthusiasts, some with more experience than others but all having a natural curiosity. Fast forward a few years later, one long night and many copious jars of wine we had the bright idea that maybe we should tell the world about our wines. Boom, the rest is history. 2021 was our inaugural vintage, producing only reds.

Amphoras in our winery
Natural amphora wines made in Portugal. Vidigueira, location of Talha Mafia Wines
Vidigueira DOC
Natural amphora wines made in Portugal. Vila de Frades, Winery location of Talha Mafia Wines
Vila de Frades


We make small batch natural wines from hand harvested & crushed grapes. This process reduces damage to grapes and improves the quality of fermentation process with the naturally occurring malolactic bacteria present on the fruits along with the indigenous wild & natural yeasts. All our wines are made with limited intervention, no-industrial processes, no commercial enzymes or nutrients.

We like to break rules, experiment, like jazz improvisation. There’s rules but its fun to be curious like developing single varietal wines in their own pots, our aging wines longer in talhas or barrels to developing quality, bag in box wines. We have an interesting road map of products. 


Our wines represent a total commitment to transitioning to a more sustainable planet. From our packaging that use recycled materials and wine bottles that weigh less to our partnership in the 1% For the Planet Alliance. Every purchase on our website directly removes carbon from the atmosphere.


We have 12 ancient amphoras that are hundreds of years old. Each amphora is over 2 meters and holds over 1000 liters of wine. Our amphoras have unique characteristics so much so we’ve given each amphora a popular Roman woman’s name.
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