Revolver 2021

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Revolver was made naturally using wild yeasts, minimal sulfites and no commercial enzymes or nutrients added. This unique red wine is fruity and juicy, with soft tannins, balanced with fresh acidity, structure and complexity.

Wine maker notes:

Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Syrah and Trincadeira varieties were fermented in equal parts (20% each) in talhas (amphoras) with indigenous yeasts and aged in talhas for 6 months. Aroma of wild fruits, currants and wild pine. In the mouth shows texture, mineral notes and balanced juicy fruit with vibrant acidity. It has malolactic fermentation made (conversion of malic acid into lactic), which makes the acidity of the wine lower and the wine gains complexity. Stabilization and natural filtration.

Vintage notes:

Vidigueira soil: granitic and schist (ganite and schist soil), which transmits minerality and freshness to wine. Hand-harvested, grapes; whole-cluster pressed; fermented on the native yeasts, followed by a full malolactic on the naturally occurring bacteria; minimum effective sulfur for this wine, unfiltered at bottling. In keeping with our philosophy of minimal intervention.

Massima x Fosca. The amphora producing our Revolver Red

The Amphora. With a deep respect for the past, our amphora-aged wines evoke a sense of timelessness that blends seamlessly with modern tastes and sensibilities, respecting and preserving a natural winemaking technique that is artisanal, sustainable, planet-friendly and natural. In ancient times, amphoras were often referred to as ‘the mother’ because they were essential vessels for making wine. Amphoras were often decorated with images of goddesses and other powerful female figures, which further emphasized their symbolic association with motherhood and fertility. Overall, the important role that amphoras played in sustaining ancient communities led to their revered status as ‘the mother’.The design of the amphora is also ideal for wine making. It allows for the natural flow of oxygen during the fermentation process, regulating temperature and promoting healthier, more complex wines.

The Ancient 12. Our 12 amphoras are hundreds of years old and named Alba, Alelia, Diana, Latitia, Fosca, Alma, Felicia, Aurora,, Massima, Salacia, Marina and Hilaria. The ancient 12 honor the rich history of amphora winemaking in Vila de Frades and offer a unique, more personalized wine interaction and gastronomic experience for wine enthusiasts.

Massima was a name given to Roman girls who embodied the qualities of strength and power. The wines made in the Massima region were similarly bold and full-bodied, with a deep, rich flavor that commanded attention.

Fosca was a name given to Roman girls with dark features, and it also means “dark” in Latin. This name lent itself perfectly to the rich, bold flavors of the red wines produced in the region of Fosca.



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3,192 bottles


Touriga Nacional, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez, Syrah and Trincadeira. Minimal sulfites added, no commercial enzymes or other additives.


Vidigueira, Alentejo


6 months in talhas (amphoras)



Sugar (natural)


SO2 (sulfites)


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